Afro House (Beats) Class:

Modern and Classical African Contemporary steps blended with some Hip-hop and Funk. This dance is upbeat energetic and fun for all. (Suitable for Children 7+, Teens and Adults)

Twerk Ladies:

The most perfect lower Body workout designed to firm up your thighs and glutes as well as calf muscles. This class serves as a general confidence booster and Body Conditioner. (Ladies Only)


This Sensual style of Dance is strictly Ladies Only and on offer at our studios.
It is indeed a confidence booster for all Ladies as it improves body flow, flexibility, rhythm and sensuality. Usually done in heels, this is a class not to be without…

Ladies Latin Hips and Heels:

This class gives you the style and grace you are seeking to embellish and beautify your Latin dancing. Focusing on the hips, knee to ankle action, foot placement and well as upper body styling inherent in Latin dancing.(Ladies Only)