Ballet Classes:

These classes are on offer at our centre. They have the chance to learn with one of our most expert employees. ( from ages 3 -16)

Hip Hop Kids:

Highly energetic and lively in nature, the kids are sure to love this class. Classes for different Age-group’s and Age-grade are also present at our studios. (from ages 3 – 16)

Capoeira Kids:

Hailing from Brazil, Capoeira is widely loved and well received by many around the World due to its agile, fast paced movements and amazing music. It fosters a feeling of togetherness and community. This class is a must for all Children. (5 years and above)

Latin Kids and Teens:

Here the kids are taught a mix blend of Latin dances from all around the World. It is thoroughly enjoyable and great fun. Classes for different Age-group’s and Age-grades are present at our studios (from 7 years and above)